The scene of the accident

The scene of the accident

Back in January, you may remember, Blasto had a serious car accident. He had minor injuries, but sadly the driver of the other vehicle succumbed to their injuries and passed away.

When there is loss of life there is always a trial. Blasto’s case has been proceeding as expected. See the report from Machaa about yesterday’s proceedings.

Please continue to pray that Blasto’s case will be resolved quickly and fairly.

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The court hearing went on as had been planned, unlike in the past when things would be postponed. The prosecution had two of their witnesses testify and were also cross examined by Blasto's lawyer.

I'm not a lawyer, but it was evident the prosecution didn't have their act together. The first witness who they called to the stand, was supposed to be a defense witnesses, so he gave a testimony contrary to the prosecution. The second one was so inconsistent that the magistrate had to interject and get a clarification for the sake of record because most of the information was contradictory.

Blasto's lawyer was quite optimistic from yesterday's session and hopes that the court would dismiss the case without it going to trial. The prosecution has another four witnesses to put on the stand, hopefully on 29th August when the next hearing will be. Continue praying.


The scene of the accident

The scene of the accident

The fact that Blasto was not seriously injured in the accident is no small miracle. These pictures tell the story go God’s protection.

Please continue to pray for Blasto’s recovery and that the insurance will be adequate to repair or replace the vehicle the Blasto and KPG rely on for so much.



Blasto is never happy when idle so this is especially hard for him.

Blasto is never happy when idle so this is especially hard for him.

Please continue to pray for Blasto’s recovery. He was released from the hospital after a night of observation and is resting at home.

This new challenge puts additional stress on the family as Blasto is also the primary caregiver for his 104+ year old mother who is becoming increasingly frail.

Please pray for Blasto’s entire family as they adapt to this new situation.



We received word yesterday that Blasto, our Director of Kijabe Practical Garage, was in a serious head on collision.

We are praising God that Blasto was not seriously injured. He was admitted to the hospital and held for observation overnight.

We are also thankful that the other driver was also not seriously injured. We are asking for your prayers for healing and a full recovery.

Both vehicles were heavily damaged. Additional details are a bit sketchy. We will update you when we have more details. Thank you for praying!