Who are Shepherd's Little Lambs?


To nourish and nurture children, made vulnerable by poverty and HIV/AIDS.



Shepherds Little Lambs provides food, school fees, uniforms and basic medical care to the poorest of the poor in Kenya. For pre-school age children we provide a nurturing environment during the week to better prepare them for entering the public school system.

We operate two centers. One in a poor section of the city of Nakuru. The second on a rural hillside outside Kijabe.

Our operations staff are Kenyan nationals who identify children for the program and administer their care through a team of Kenyan teachers, cooks and caregivers.

Little Lambs operates under the umbrella of African Inland Mission and is governed by an international board that meets weekly with our Kenya leaders via conference calls. 


The Little Lambs Story

Hungry orphans at your doorstep. That’s what missionary Elaine Barnett was experiencing regularly in 1999. A drought had devastated the Kijabe area and the already poor were especially hard hit. Elaine worked with a local pastor to identify the neediest children. By early 2000, 35 orphans were welcomed into the first Little Lambs Center.

Today over 100 children receive a noon meal on weekdays, assistance with school fees, uniforms, shoes and basic medical care. Preschool lambs spend weekdays at the center getting a head start on their education and lots of hugs too.

We are in the process of partnering with Midwest Food Bank’s Kenya branch to provide meals on weekends too. This partnership makes nutritious meals possible for just 20 cents each.